Buyer’s Guide

The Base : 


Almost all our collection is made on lamb skin.

Sometimes we can work on goat or baby calf , but mostly on lamb skins.
We can customized the skins, do some changes if the client request it.


We can produce any colours.



The size : 

Lamb skins average size is 7/8 square feet.

Because of some process some design will have a reduction.
About thickness : we can start from 0,5 mm up .
Some process requires a minimum thickness, some can’t be done on very thick skins.
About Goat skins average size is 5 sqf, thickness is from 0,3 mm up


The process : 

All or most of all our process (exept the plain laser cut of course) are handmade.
All the design could be produced in any colours, in other leathers or in patent leather too.
We can modify the design, produce them in any colours or finishing, change the accessories (studs, stripes …).
We can provide for each pattern the base skin to match the design.

Please note : all our skins that have a handmade process are of course handmade, so it could be possible to have a little change from one to another. Of course we will try to produce all almost the same but it could happen that something could be slightly different.


Delivery :

Usually we give 3/4 weeks for delivery.

It also depends on quantity and the kind of order.

We can plan of course partial shipment or work around the customer’s schedule


Minimum :

All the quanities for our manual work can be decided with each customer.

We don’t have huge quantity as minimum, usually it could be around 12 skins, 20 for goat skin.

For all the special design we don’t have a minimum

All the leather in stock are ready to buy and we don’t have a minimum too.


Prices :

Prices are per square foot.
To let understand better what each skin will cost you can multiply the price x 7 or 8 (the average size of our leather).

Please note that in case of reduction we calculate price from the original size.